Potential Question That can ask you during your Job interview.(part 2)


In our previous post we have discussed 25 potential question that can  be asked during your job interview. In this post we will discuss rest of the questions that discovered by Frank S. Endicott, Director of placement at Northwestern University, and published by New york Life.

  • What interests about  our product or services?
  • Do you belive you have done the best scholastic work of which you are capable?
  • What do you know about opportunities in the field in which you are trained?
  • How long do you expert to work?
  • Do you have any difficulty getting along with fellow students or wokers ?
  • Do you like Routine work?
  • Do you like regular hours?
  • What size city do you prefer?
  • What is your major strengh? weakness?
  • Define cooperation.
  • Will You fight to go ahead?
  • Do you demand attention?
  • Do you have an analytical mind?
  • Are you  eager to please?
  • How is your physical and mental health?
  • What job in our company would you choose if you were entirely free to do so?
  • Are you willing to go where the company needs you?
  • It is an effort for you to be tolerant of persons with a background and interests different from your own?
  • How about our overtime work? Travel?

One major employer has divided the questions to be asked onto categories: work experiance, education and training, leadership, initiative, persistance, motivation, and communication skills.



Published by Md Shariful Islam

I am Shariful Islam. Currently I am doing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) also Certified Management Accounting ( CMA). I am a Professional graphic designer for any kind of design you can reach over email sharif.dcian@gmail.com or find me on https://www.fiverr.com/sharifdc15

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