Strategies that can help you Read more quickly and effectively.


Reading is very important for us. Everyday we have to read a lot of article, books and many more things. To understand any article, books or even Newspaper effectively and efficiently we have to follow some stratgies. In this article we will discuss about some strategies that will help you to read quickly and effectively.

Previewing : Reviewing titles, section headings, and photo captions to get a sense of the structure and content of a reading section.

Predicting : Using knowledge of the subject matter to make predictions about content and vocabulary and check comprehension ; using knowledge of the text type and purpose to make predictions about disclosure structure ; using knowledge about author to make predictions about writing style, vocabulary and content .


Skimming and scanning : Using quick survey of the text to get the main idea, identify text structure, conform or question predictions.

Guessing from context : Using prior knowledge of the subject and the ideas in the text clues to the meanings of unknown words, instead of stopping to look them up.

Paraphrasing : Stopping at the end of a section to check comprehension by restating the information and ideas in the text.

After implementing these strategies I believe your  reading skills will improve.To get unlimited books please visit this site :

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I am Shariful Islam. Currently I am doing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) also Certified Management Accounting ( CMA). I am a Professional graphic designer for any kind of design you can reach over email or find me on

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  1. Good advice!
    I personally developed my reading skills at a very young age. I was reading a book a day between ages 10 and then I studied at university..
    I read very fast and perfectly remember everything because I also have outstanding visual memory because of drawing and painting. It helped tremendously, I only had excellent grades, also throughout university.Reading and drawing took care of my extensive knowledge and memory and that helped a lot being a medical writer and researcher.
    Reading is so worth doing!

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