This four lifestyle change will help you to improve your Mental Health.

Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact. You can not expect to get better if you are not willing to make some changes in your life. As the famous saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. So if you are ready to finally make some changes to improve your mental health, take a look at our top four recommendation that, yes, even we follow!

1.Meditate daily :Meditation is the noble act of making friends with yourself. Breath by breath,moment by moment you begin to learn who you really are. At first, this prospect may seem interesting, shocking, Appalling, mysterious or boring. Eventually,though as you practice meditation your mental chatter starts to quiet and you find natural attunement with yourself. You breath in and out. You notice the play of light and dark. Sensation rise and fall in the body and in the mind. Slowly thoughts begin to settle and you find that you are actually living in very open and spacious world.

 So, to get a sound mental health at least seven minutes meditation is highly recommended.

2. Go to bed Early :Like the saying goes “Early to bed and Early to rise” we need to sleep early so that we can wake up fresh and healthy to do our regular work properly. If we do not get enough sleep at night we can’t pay attention in our regular work.  In a recent survey of more than 700respondents aged 17 to 79, those who identified as early risers reported feeling happier and healthier than their night owl counterparts. Researchers say that when you skip out on the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep,exhaustion can create a wide array of negative impacts on the brain, including depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Being happier—and limiting your stress—could be as simple as getting an extra hour of sleep every night, and then rising and shining with the sun the next morning; doing so aligns your biological clock with its natural rhythm.

3. Stop checking your phone as soon as you wake up : When you wake up, its normal to check your notifications before getting out of bed. But it can be harmful for you. Because sometimes it makes pressure on your mental health.  In a research suggests that getting constant notifications can trigger stress. For example, in a survey of nearly 2,000 workers in the UK, the London-based Future Work Center found that email notifications are linked to higher feelings of anxiety.

In another analysis at the University of British Columbia, researchers asked 124students and professors to check their email frequently for one week. The next week, they only checked their email three times per day and disabled all notifications. When time spent looking at email was restricted, the participants reported lower stress levels and higher feelings of positivity.

4. Choose to stay positive : Positive thinking is very beneficial for our mental health primarily because it eliminates any form of paranoia and negative thoughts that can cause depression and stress. The process is actually a domino effect in terms of our overall health. Those who think positively feel happier and more contented with their lives.

With less stress, we go through our daily activities smoothly and feel more relaxed.Also, studies show that it is a good cure for any cardiovascular illness compared to people who consume negative thoughts all the time. Positive thoughts distress the mind, it prevents stress hormones from being released,thus, damaging mental health. In general, positive thinkers live a longer lifespan, are less prone to sickness, experience less stress, and are generally more blissful.

So, in conclusion we can say that by adapting only these four principle its not  enough to get 100% better mental health but if you abide this four principle your mental health will be improved.

Published by Md Shariful Islam

I am Shariful Islam. Currently I am doing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) also Certified Management Accounting ( CMA). I am a Professional graphic designer for any kind of design you can reach over email or find me on

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