principles of effective communication.

knowledge of communication principles are essential to developing skill in communication. It will help you to understand the people with whom will work and it will also help you to understand and solve the problems you will encounter in business. Moreover, you will be able to apply communication theory to the more specific, practical tasks of communication in business.

Principles Elaborated : A study of relevant literature indicates that the principles of communication ( specially the written communication ) can be branded as ” six – C’s”  – Clarity, Consideration, Courtesy, Completeness, Conciseness and Correctness.

1 . Clarity : This principle is related to another principle, known as principles of adaptation – of filling the symbols to specific receivers. The emphasis being given to the fact that effective communication adapt to the receiver filter.

Adapting is not easy task. The communicator has to clearly visualize the receiver. He should form a mental picture of who are the receivers, how much they know about the subject ? what their educational levels ? and how they are think ? then keeping the receivers image in mind, the communicator should select the symbols that will communicate to them. 

As a matter of fact, adaptation is basic to communication and that can be achieved to a great extent by giving stress to simplicity – using simple words, simple sentence and brief paragraphs.

2. Consideration : In communication the receiver/reader/listener is important. the massage is meant for him/her. This can be ensured in the following ways :

a .Adopt you attitude : Readers / listeners respond to the messages, letters well only  when we write from their point of view. So, in order to make our message / letters more effective, we must avoid the use of ” I’s ” and ‘we’s” and use as many “you’s” as possible . for example : use ” Thank you for your kind response instead of ”I want to express my sincere thanks for the kind response.

b. Avoid gender biased : The world of business is no more exclusively dominated by man. There are now many women entrepreneurs as well as senior executives of business.

c. Use positive instead of negative approach :  An approach with a negative begining or a negative approach irritates the reader and makes him/her feel that the communicator lacks business manners and courtesy. A positive approach on the other hand, helps retain the customers goodwill.

3. Courtesy : Courtesy costs nothing but gains a lot. In business world courtesy is indispensable. The observance of the following principles will help promote courtesy.

a. Apologize sincerely for an omission and thank generously for a favor. 

b. Answer the questions promptly.

c. Avoid anger.

4. Completeness : Completeness in business communication is of absolute necessity. Incomplete information may lead to wrong decision. If wrong actions follow an incomplete message, they may also prove expensive.

so the message should be so organized that the receiver has no doubts about anything contained in it.

5. Completeness : In business time is money. Busy executives have little time to listen or read lengthy message. so communicator has to remember that while trying to make the message complete, attempts are also to be made to keep it as concise as possible. He has to be careful in ensuring this twin feature of business communication. 

6. Correctness : Correctness has to be ensured in drafting a message. Incorrect message may bring in damaging results. Although there are several dimensions of ensuring correctness, the following are to be give careful attention;

a. Give correct message.

b. The message should not be outdated.

c. Make the message most adaptable.

So, In conclusion we can say that by adapting these six principle you will be able to make a better communication with your clients, colleagues, or your business partners.

Source of information : From the book business communication and report writing by Dr. Abdul Awal Khan & Dr. Ma.A. Taher.

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