8 Ways to Improve your Vocabulary Skills.

9373.1534511488 To understand a language efficiently a good knowledge of vocabulary is very important.without vocabulary skill you can not communicate with other people  efficiently. So, to overcome this problem here we will discuss eight dynamic method by which you can improve your vocabulary power.

1 . Avoid single word memorization : Think about groups of word instead of single words. It will help you to increase your vocabulary. such as : kitchen objects : Pot,Bowl,Burner,Oven,Colander etc.

2 . Journal & Sticky notes : When you go to anywhere always carry a notebook. Write down word that seem important. Later put them up , write sentences using them. Use sticky notes as labels. Write the word and post the notes around the house.

3 . Collocation : A collocation is a combination of words that appear together frequently. Discover the collocation dictionaries and think about the word groups. for e.g. : Lion roar ( but they rarely shout, weep, holler etc.)

4. Mnemonics : Mnemonic is a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something. Create your own mnemonics. such as : “memory needs every method of nurturing its capacity.” is a mnemonic for spelling mnemonic.

5. Speak it write it : Its a very fruitful method for memorizing vocabulary. Put a new word to use immediately. write it down and use it in a sentence. use it three times in a day for better result.

6. Area specific : Learn words related to a particular area. such as job related or study area related. for e.g. words for architects , word for car mechanics or word for cooks etc.

7. Observation journal : Always keep a notebook or file on your laptop or tablet. Go sit somewhere. write down the name of everything you can see. if you don’t know the name of something , write it in your native language or take a picture of it. then look it up latter. Go different places to do this activity – parks, airport, other buildings etc.

8. Spaced repetition : It is a learning technique that increases time between reviews of words. Software helps best. http://ankisrs.net

The best method :

The best method is the one that works best for you. Experiment with different methods. Find the one you like and that you’ll do. share your ideas with others.




Published by Md Shariful Islam

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