Personality traits of successful entrepreneur.

successful entrepreneur share several typical traits. some of this are briefly discussed below:

what-makes-an-entrepreneur-1024x450 1. Vision : Entrepreneur generally begin  with a vision- an overall idea for how to make their business idea a success. Then they pursue this vision with relentless passion.

2. High energy levels : entrepreneur work long and hard to realize their visions. many entrepreneur work full time at their regular day jobs and spend weeknights and weekends launching their start-ups.

3. The need to achieve : Entrepreneurs work hard because they want to excel. Their strong competitive drive helps them enjoy the challenge of reaching difficult goals and promotes dedication to personal success.

4. Self confidence and optimism : Entrepreneurs believe in their ability to succeed, and they instill their optimism in others.They see opportunities where others see danger lurking.

5. Tolerance for failure : Entrepreneur often succeed by sheer will and the ability to try and try again when others would give up.

6. Creativity : Entrepreneur typically conceive new ideas for goods and services, and they devise innovative ways to overcome difficult problems and situations.

7. Tolerance for ambiguity : Entrepreneurs take in stride the uncertainties associated with launching a venture. Dealing with unexpected events is the norm for most entrepreneurs. Tolerance for ambiguity is different from the love of risk taking that many people associated with entrepreneurship.

8. An internal locus control : Entrepreneur have an internal locus of control, which means they believe that they control their own destinies. You won’t find entrepreneurs blaming others or outside events for their success or failures- they own it all.

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